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Why Sell Land by Auction?

The Live Public Auction:
  • Has been, and will continue to be, the preferred method of selling valuable Iowa Farm Land.
  • Brings together a motivated Seller with qualified Buyers, in one room, at one time.
  • Realistically estimates a property‚Äôs fair market value; the price at which a Buyer will pay and a Seller will accept.
  • Allows the Seller to achieve his/her goal of obtaining the highest price possible, while allowing the Buyer to achieve his/her goal of purchasing the property as reasonable as possible.
  • Simplifies the selling process, negating the need for excess paperwork through written offers and counteroffers.
  • Employs an accelerated marketing process with a certain date the property will sell.
  • Provides the opportunity to attract all types of Buyers, by allowing multiple parcels or selling the property as one tract.
  • Promotes excitement, a sense of urgency and competition among bidders.